Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

Riddle Original - 20 ml. 

Made using only musk and amber base notes. This allows the scent to absorb into your skin and mix with your personal chemistry before your body heat is able to evaporate the heavy base note molecule. Around 30 minutes after application the scent will begin to lift and diffuse into the air which creates a clean, subtle, and unique aroma that is Riddle Original and yourself. It truly is a signature scent that is unique to you. 

Riddles products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are also free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and are non-toxic.

How to apply fragrance oils to your skin:

1.) Apply to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that your heartbeat continuously warms. These areas include your wrists, side of your neck, inside of your elbow, back of the knee and breastbone. 

2.) Layer and keep moisturized. When using fragrance oil it is important to know that the oil will absorb into your skin and be less fragrant if it is applied to dry skin. Being well moisturized is very important when it comes to diffusing scent. It is even better to layer your scent with the same scented lotion.

3.) Dab, do not rub. When you apply your oil dab it lightly on the skin. When you rub oils too hard you break down the molecules that make up the scent profile and you lessen the scent.