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Ethical Fashion

At Rue Boutique we strive to partner with brands that not only adhere to the ethical guidelines required by them but that are taking action to make a positive impact.  These brands are not just checking the box but are initiating a new way of doing things.  Their behaviors and practices are ones that make for a much healthier and happier planet.


Sustainability is the aim to minimize the negative impact the fashion industry has on our planet though focus on the production processes and extending a product's lifecycle.

Quick Example: J Brand's eco-wash process uses 90% less water than any other premium denim brand and recycles unused fabric swaps.

Socially Responsible

Social responsibility is the fair treatment of society at large. In the fashion industry this includes ensuring living wages and safe working conditions for garment workers.  It can also describe brands that support against human injustice.

Quick Example: Eleventh Brand Candles who fight against human and sex trafficing. 

Organically Sourced

Also known as "green brands," organically sourced brands brands work with nature instead of against it. These brands using materials that are naturally derived from mother earth.

Quick Example: Southcott credits their famously soft clothing to the use of bamboo. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and is a self replenishing.


Cruelty-free brands have a strict focus on animal welfare and avoid the harm and exploitation of animals.  An addition to the well known "anti-fur," there are several ways brands can implement these practices.

Quick Example: Day & Mood use all vegan leather to create their beautiful handbags.