Defy convention and venture into this pure Juliette Has a Gun™ scent. Not a Perfume is just that... not your typical fragrance, but a singular scent experience unlike anything you've ever known.

Made of one ingredient: Ambroxan.

Ambroxan is usually used as a back note in perfume compositions. Its complex structure is known to exhale musky, woodsy and animal tonalities. A primal sensuality which evokes the smell of skin.

Because its composition is strictly molecular and made of only one ingredient,Not a Perfume is free of allergens, making it the perfect scent for those with sensitive skin.

The result of this groundbreaking scent is a minimalist, elegant and pure declaration. One that doesn't follow the rules.

Discover Not a Perfume on your own skin chemistry, because it is only through contact that its unique secrets will be unveiled.