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September 2022 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on September 15 2022

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Hi Everyone,

As the summer fades away there's a sense of closure and a new beginning in the air. I like to take this time to reflect. I try to take mental notes on what my season was like, and what have I accomplished. Did I grow and move forward personally, with my kids, and with business?

One of the things I always set my intention to do in warmer weather, is to spend more time outside. Looking back I wish I  spent more time in nature. When I do, I always feel alive.

Finding balance is no easy task though and it's easy to stay in the race of our to-dos. Creating daily rituals and good habits are always helpful and consistency is key to keeping me balanced. I enjoy eating and cooking whole foods, moving and sweating almost every day, and spending time with people who bring positive energy to my life, are a few factors in living a full life.

I am in my 50's and feel blessed in many ways. I can still climb on that kitchen counter to grab that one glass from the top cabinet, race my three girls, and probably win ...and indulge in that decadent olive oil cake from Il Pizzaolo every now and then.

Having high energy, mobility, and decent skin is a result of a certain lifestyle I adopted early on in my life.

When I meet creative minds, my soul goes into overdrive... I love connecting with happy souls and people who create. I recently met two women who do just that.  

This month I invite you to meet Jessie Hilderhoff founder of Lavender House and  Melissa Mitterreder whose recovery from cancer using essential oils is a must hear story. 

Carving a pathway to wellness is a decision we can make at any age and anytime. I hope to see you at our Event on September 29th. 





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