Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

Pittsburgh North Magazine

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on September 13 2019

Ayellet Rubinstien Aharoni, owner of Rue Boutique, talks fall fashion trends and the background on the brands she carries. 

-  Article Matthew Hacke | Photography Rue Boutique

From a young age, Ayellet Rubinstein has always had a love for fashion.“I was born and raised in Israel, and I’d save my money from babysitting jobs to buy beautiful clothes that were more expensive but made of better quality,” she says.

With a long and successful career in retail, Ayellet finally opened her own store, Rue Boutique, in November 2016.

The store, a lifestyle brand selling everything from men’s and women’s clothing to home decor and gift items, has been gradually growing ever since. A testament to the store’s service and well-curated layout, Ayellet and her incredible team keep customers coming back by providing the quality clothing the owner grew up with.

“A lot of the companies I carry have stories behind them and do so much good for the world,” Ayellet says. “They’re not companies just making clothes to sell them.”

One such brand that Ayellet carries is called Last Sunday Afternoon.

“The designer of this brand makes scarves in California but uses the extra material to make dog beds and donate them. It’s incredible,” she says.

Another brand the store carries recently changed its dye process to help the environment.

“Bed-Stu, a shoe brand in my store, recently started using vegetable dye instead of chemical dye for the shoes they produce,” Ayellet says. “Things like this inspire more customers to invest in the quality that the brand provides because they are in turn helping great causes.”

Aside from carrying brands with impactful missions, Ayellet also makes it her mission to take note and stock of the trends and desires of her clientele.

“For women’s clothes for fall, there is more emphasis on high-waisted pants. Brands are trying to shy away from skinny jeans, which everybody loves, to wide-leg, cropped jeans as well, so expect to see variations on those in my store.”

Rue Boutique’s success can ultimately be attributed to Ayellet’s point of view when it comes to selling.

“I want to sell things that are unique and feel good,” she says. “Everything I stock in my store has a story, and I’m passionate about it. The fact that my customers can see that and appreciate that makes my job all the more gratifying.”