Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

October 2019

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on October 01 2019

"Greta is a fellow entrepreneur who proves that you can follow your passions and manifest them into reality with hard work, positive energy, and a great smile."   ~ Ayellet  ~

Hello Everyone,

Fall is officially here and as the temperature changes, l look at my home space and I want to curate a more warm and cozy feeling.

The first thing that comes to mind to achieve that is Candles. They are an essential part of the home decor and esthetic and the easiest way to put you in any mood.

Candles have a way of creating warmth, ease, and comfort.

They have been used as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years. Today we enjoy candles and their different scents to help us relax or convey a certain ambiance.

Here are some Soyil candle scents we carry at Rue and their meaning -

Almond Cake (signature scent) - this amazing candle once lit, fills. your space with home-baked almond cake scent that will have your family believe that you actually baked a cake...

Lavender -  has a very soft and soothing energy and used to heal, calm and purify.

Orange & Clove - the orange represents stress relieve & romance and the clove energy boost. 

Tea & Ginger - ginger represents love, lust, and success.

Home Sweet Home - has apple and cinnamon which represents wealth & fortune


Ayellet - Greta, where did you grow up and what were your passions /interests as a young adult?
Greta - I grew up in Mt.Washington, PA and when I was young I decorated my friends bedrooms - I always loved interior design and home decor.
Another passion of mine was the entertainment industry.

- Your first job as an adult?
G - After taking marketing and journalism at Duquesne University, I got my first job with Whirl Magazine. I also sold advising for CBS.

A - Where does the candle making begin and why?
G - I always loved candles and used to buy them all the time. It was never exactly how I imagined it should be. The design wasn't how I wanted it to be or the scent didn't last. I wanted something sophisticated, clean and simple. A candle that would be more natural, smell great and blend into any space.

A- How did you start making the candles?
G - I did the research online and started experimenting in my kitchen. I would mix up different scents that I loved and created new recipes. It started as a hobby and sales picked up. Friends were buying the candles and word of mouth traveled and I outgrew my kitchen and moved to my basement. I was busier than I expected. I realized it was now a business.

- What was the turning point that made you start making candles as a full-time job?
- It was a combination of a few things. I got tired of working for Corporate America, my sister was needed in her salon and my grandmother got sick. I felt these were the cues for me to make a change.

A - Where did the name Soyil come from?
G - I wanted one catchy word, with the word SOY in it. (soy candles weren't so popular then) I also wanted a connection to nature, something earthy - like SOIL... it's the combination of both words who represent what I do. Create natural soy candles, dye-free. The fragrance is a mix of essential oils, which is safe.

A - You now have a following and it seems to me that everyone in the Pittsburgh area know about Soyil candles by Greta....What's next?
G - I just had a baby about a year ago, so my life has changed. I always had the opportunity to go big, but spending my time with family is important to me.
I am getting back to work slowly and with the nearing Holiday season, it will be just enough to keep me busy.