Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

November 2021 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on December 02 2021

Hi Everyone,
Five years ago I opened my doors to a new adventure. A lifestyle boutique was brewing in my head several years before it became a reality. It took me a lifetime to come to realize that you have to follow your heart. No matter how hard I tried to suppress it, I couldn't deny the fact that I needed to make a change in my life and do my own thing - give my creativity a voice without limitation. 
Before I decided to take the risk and do it, I was told that I was going to fail. I was also told that when major events are happening in your life (such as divorce and starting a business), it is very difficult to go through them simultaneously.
When someone tells you that you can't do something, then you have to.
You should follow your calling. Believe you can, and you're halfway there. Trust yourself and the journey. Know that you will hit brick walls, setbacks, and yes, failures along the way but there will also be greenlights (great book) and triumphs too. If you accept the whole package and keep going anything is possible.
I couldn't have reached this milestone without the help and support of two special gems in my life - Kristen, my store manager and Penny, our social media maven.
Kristen showed up at my store three years ago and told me that I needed to hire her, period.I was looking for a manager at the time and had hard time finding a good fit. She was right. Her tenacity, work ethic and determination to learn are her essence. Add her bigger than life smile and charm and you've got yourself one hell of a manager.
Penny, my friend, whom I begged for a good year to join the team finally said yes after I wore her down. Her social media and decor skills were a much needed add on to the boutique. She is an outside of the box thinker, a force and a true gift to me.
This Thanksgiving I am thankful to celebrate five years in business. I am thankful for Kristen and Penny's dedication to all things RUE and for taking this journey with me.
All three of us are thankful for you, our fans, who love what we do and appreciate the ambiance, products and the love we put into it all. It is an experience and hopefully we deliver the customer service you expect and deserve. We thank you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
Warmest regards,