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February 2020

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on February 07 2020

Hello Everyone -

From a very young age my mother encouraged me to use facial moisturizer. Being the "rebel without a cause" that I am, my initial response was to just ignore her... but after years of nagging I eventually gave in and I'm so glad that I did.

Taking care of my skin has been part of my routine since I was a teenager. My girls have watched me cleanse and hydrate since they were infants as I did with my mother. Taking care of ourselves is incredibly important - creating good habits and routines is the essence of a healthy life.

There are so many beauty lines out there and we all find our favorite... I found mine 7 years ago in Israel when my sister (who lives there) introduced me to her neighbor Ido Magal, the founder of Lavido Skincare.  His skincare products have been part of my beauty regimen ever since - my personal favorite is the Invigorating Facial Serum. We now carry it here at Rue Boutique.

Take time every morning to cleanse and hydrate. And repeat every night. Good habits make for big results. Lavido has a full skincare line - you can find a wide variety on our website and in-store






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