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March 2019

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on March 19 2019

Hello Everyone!

The first day of Spring is right around the corner and here at Rue Boutique we are gearing up with new arrivals daily.
So, whats on trend?
Sleeve Detail- it's on almost every top and jacket this season.
Pick your favorite, it's an easy way to perk up your wardrobe and feel fresh.


Rue Chat
Meet Ryan Formica, Founder of Cartel Supply Soap Co.

I have had the privilege of meeting interesting entrepreneurs/ founders and sales reps from the companies I collaborate with.
I think we all have great stories and in my line of work I am always curious to know more about how the brand evolved and came about.
Behind many of the brands we carry are humanitarians and environmentalists who care about their community and our beautiful planet.
That to me is such a draw to collaborate with them and raise awareness.

I'd like you to get to know the people behind the brands.
So, here is the first RUE CHAT -  myself and Cartel Supply Co. founder Ryan, Chatting away.
Mission statement - The idea is pretty simple, really. put good ingredients in, get good product. The company uses 100% all natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly, ingredients in their soap.
"We believe you should be able to read what's on the back of your labels before you apply it to the largest organ of your body."
Home base - Pittsburgh,Pa.
A - So Ryan, tell me a little bit about yourself and your family -  where did you grow up?
R -  I grew up in Johnstown, Pa. My family owned their own business. So I was exposed to entrepreneurship and "do it yourself " mentality from a young age.
A - tell me a fun fact about yourself
R - I sold tee shirts when I was in high school - my first experience in being an entrepreneur. I also played in a band and we even went on tour as soon as we graduated HS.
A - After touring, what did you do?
R -  I attended IUP and majored in Marketing/Graphic Design and while in college I started a sunglasses company online. I always supported myself and never asked my parents for money.
A - I call it HUSTLE....
     So, then what happens now?
R- I got a 9-5 Job and hated it. I knew I needed to do something on my own, but I wasn't sure what yet.
     I went to an art festival and saw someone selling SOAP...and thought to myself it's a pretty straight forward concept, why not try it. When I did some researched I couldn't understand WHY soap contained so many chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. I immediately thought that there must be a better way. I wanted to create a better quality, sustainable product. We don't use plastic, we are in the process of creating sustainable packaging.

A - How did you do it?
R - I figured it out, because I was passionate about doing it. First I did some research and found a local manufacturer that used all vegan ingredients. I kept working and surrounded myself with good, positive people.

A - I see that you partnered with The ECO SOAP BANK, tell me more about it.
R - In a nutshell, The Eco Soap Bank is a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to SAVE, SANITIZE, and SUPPLY recycled hotel soap for the developing world. You can read more about this important cause on the website -

A - Where did the name Cartel Supply Co. come from?
R - Rap music, the name came up in a song. The movie "American Gangster" was also an inspiration to jumpstart the company. The "us against them (big companies)" mentality came to play.
A - How old is the company and what are your long term plans?
R - The company is a year and a half old. Up next is to create a full line of all natural products. We want to stay true to ourselves and do it right.
A - What keeps you going?
R - I want to prove to myself and everyone who said I couldn't do it that it can be done! There is always a way.

Never stop being inspired.