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March 2020 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on March 24 2020

Hello Everyone,

Earlier this month I had planned the topic of this newsletter to be about ethical fashion but due to the global pandemic, I decided to put it on hold. I wanted to write something more relevant.

However the more I thought about it the more I realized just how relevant it is.  Sustainability, slow-fashion... this, I believe is all part of the equation. 


I think positive thinking is essential (especially these days) so let's start with some good news:  Air pollution in China, Italy, and now New York have dropped dramatically amid coronavirus lockdown. This is the unintended environmental benefit we are seeing - this is the silver lining.
We can all make an impact on the future of our environment and it doesn't have to be through a lockdown.  In the fashion industry, there is plenty of opportunities... Many fashion labels have already started making better choices with the process and production.
As a retail business, I am keen on doing my part by buying more sustainable fashions and supporting brands that do good for our environment and our community. Here are a few ways brands we carry make a difference: 

Southcott - uses bamboo cotton which is environmentally friendly,100% biodegradable, and is a self-replenishing resource.  (And it feels amazing.)

Bed Stu - "our philosophy: to create sustainable products that are made to last, using only the most natural ingredients. It's better for us, our workers and our planet." Bed Stu uses hand vegetable-dyed leather for their footwear and accessories.  It is genuine, unique, and naturally imperfect.

4 Ocean makes bracelets from recyceled plastic bottles. Every bracelet sold helps clean the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time.

Grounds for Hounds - the organic coffee company donates 20% of their proceeds to animal shelters nationwide.

Eleventh Candle Co. - helps fight against human and sex trafficking, one candle sold at time. 

More and more fashion brands and retailers are taking the right steps but it's important that the consumer does their part too.  
Here are 3 easy ways YOU can help:

#1 Buy high-quality clothing.
Invest in fewer high quality items you love that will last for a long time. This is not only great for the environment but is the golden rule for building a timeless wardrobe.
#2 Take care of your clothes.
Paying attention to the label before washing your clothes, hanging and storing them properly is important.  This goes for shoes and jewelry too. 
Take your most worn shoes and boots to the shoe maker at the end of each season to be polished and cleaned. 
You're mother and Mother Nature will both be proud.
#3 Recycle, recycle, recycle.
When you no longer wear an item in your closet, give them away, donate, or resell them. You can drop off donations at our store anytime. 
We'll be happy to donate them to the 
HEARTH Foundation!


S H O P      A L L      R U E    B O U T I Q U E


Over the past week, we have all been forced to take a step back...  this is our opportunity to re-evaluate how we live our life and (hopefully) be more compassionate with each other, our habitat, and ourselves.  

Thank you for your continued support, we love you and appreciate you. 
While our store is temporarily closed, we are still operating online.
For a limited time only, all online sales are 10% off plus free shipping. 

Stay healthy and be safe.





"At J Brand we believe in creating jeans with purpose. Jeans that fit beautifully - even perfectly. But, more importantly - jeans that are made to last. Jeans that are truly lived in and loved, season after season, wear after wear.

Above all, we make jeans that integrate sustainable practices from the very moment of conception through the delivery of the final product. Jeans that are free of harmful chemicals. Jeans that are made with 90% less water.
Jeans that reduce waste to almost zero. Jeans that minimize our impact on both the planet and the artisans who make our clothes. "

"Our promise is simple: Jeans made better—for a better world. Because we believe that fashion doesn’t mean all that much if it isn’t shaping a better tomorrow. "