March Announcement

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on March 17 2020

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you from home.

Yesterday we made the tough but necessary decision to close Rue Boutique store-front.  Most likely for the next two weeks.  

This is a huge burden for any small business - local restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and retail stores alike.  

We all rely on the existence of our local brick & mortar shops - whether for your daily morning coffee, your favorite restaurant, or place to shop.  And we rely on you - to support us and keep us going. 

As a consumer I try to support local businesses whenever I can.
I have many friends who have small businesses just like me and we are all on reserve right now.  

If you are shopping online, we encourage you to visit your local businesses sites first.  If they don't have a live website - email them and let them know what you need or looking for.  In addition to retail, many local restaurants are doing pick up or delivery.  Give them a call.  These actions make a difference.

I know that we will get through this.  In the meantime I wish you all health. Try to keep your spirits high and stay safe.  ~ Ayellet





Go out for a morning or night run outside playing my favorite music.

Frequently drink HOT liquids - plain hot water, tea, coffee, cocoa, cider. Skip the ice water.  Hot liquids helps to kill the virus.

Practicing home yoga. I designated an area at home and it's not so bad. (I am a yogi and not going to class is really, really, hard. I know many local studios are offering online yoga. My personal favorite is Amazing Yoga.)


In the middle of all the chaos, it has been incredible to see how Pittsburgh local businesses have come together to support each other. Below is a list of several local businesses that we have connected with over the past few days - many of them offer different alternatives to the regular services. check out their social media and websites to see what they're doing and support them if you can.

Amazing Yoga

Manicure PGH

Om Lounge Yoga

Yoga Flow

Burgatory McCandless:




Civilization PGH

Dina Ellen Boutique

Franklin & Mercer

 Geology Rocks

Kelly Lane Design

Kristi Boutique

Love Pittsburgh Shop

Make & Matter

No. 14 Boutique

Picket Fence

Small Mall

Stude Baker Metals

Vestis PGH

Von Walter & Funk

Wild Card PGH