Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

June 2021 Newsletter

Written by Kristen Cully


Posted on June 18 2021



Hi Everyone,

Father's Day always takes me back to my childhood in Israel and the relationship I have with my father. He is 81 years old going on 60. He is an old fashioned devout man with a progressive mind. If Instagram existed in his younger years we would have seen photos of him parachuting, dressing to the nines, gardening his yard and showing his four girls how to clean anything properly ...he is a little obsessed that way.

My dad was a truck driver. He would leave for work every morning at 4:00 AM and would usually be back home by 4:00 PM which is when he would normally eat dinner. I loved sitting across the table from him watching him eat his meal along with an ice cold beer. It was just him and I and he always shared his beer with me. I would always ask him about his day and try to make him laugh because I knew he was tired and irritable after driving in the heat all day without air conditioning. I don't remember having any deep conversations or discussing anything extraordinary... it was mostly just small talk. I just wanted his attention and I cherished my time with him.

We both had an appreciation of nice clothing. He wasn't a big shopper but when he did shop for himself, he would buy the best. He had great taste and an eye for quality. He is without a doubt a fashionista. Now that I live away from home (my Dad still lives in Israel) he waits for me to visit before shopping for clothes so that we can go together. On our shopping trips we talk about our lives and catch up... it has become a tradition that I cherish.

Our relationship has evolved over the years and I'm grateful for all those moments we've found that connects us. Now as a woman, I can get to know my dad in new ways through deeper more meaningful conversations about our lives and experiences. Those sharings I will always treasure and hope that you too have found spaces of connection and can create your special moments together.

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Happy Father's Day.