June 2020 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on June 19 2020

Hello Everyone,

In the past few months, we have been shaken and awaken. Each of us has been affected differently. We can all agree (which is a rare beast these days...) that life as we knew it before Covid-19 doesn't exist anymore.

My personal experience has given me a new perspective on how much I enjoy what I do and that no matter what happens, I will continue doing what I love. I like looking at the lessons and finding the good in everything even when it's not easy to do.

I found that patience and inner strength is something you work on each and every day and that making others happy is the sweet spot of life.

Two months after closing our doors temporarily, we were able to open again! One cannot describe the gratitude I feel to be able to do something so elementary - physically open my business door every day.

I am thankful to so many of you who make it a point to shop small and support me and my team. I am committed to bringing to you the best of everything.

When on the look for new brands, I look for quality, function, and fit. The companies I like to collaborate with are mostly entrepreneurs like myself. They not only love what they do, they CARE. They care about the impact they have on our environment and community.

Lately, we have been forced to deal with challenges and adversity both personal and national. We have been served. Being a conscience brand or a conscience business means that you not only say that you care, you actually manifest your words into action. I think supporting each other's rights to be treated in a humane way and taking care of our planet doesn't belong into any political party. It is our responsibility as humans. In Judaism, it is called " Tikun Olam" which means to repair the world. We are on this planet as visitors and should do the utmost to leave it a little better than when we entered it. (With gratitude, a portion of our sales was donated to the local food bank as well as the HEARTH foundation).

Peace & Love,







Coming this fall, Rue Boutique will be adding a new and exciting collection from the Faherty brand!

When I first saw the brand's collection I felt like I was entering a laid back beach party with my friends... the vibe and ambiance were welcoming and fun and the collection didn't disappoint. Everything felt soft and I wanted to wear it all, which is my cue for " we should definitely carry this brand at Rue".

In honor of Father's Day, I had the opportunity to have a quick Q & A with the founders of the brand, the Faherty Brothers Alex ( Chief Executive officer) and Mike ( Chief Creative Officer).


Ayellet - What makes Faherty different than any other brand?

Mike - We care so much--about the quality of our clothes, our impact on the environment, the types of fabrics we use, our customers...all of it.

A- Knowing now what you didn't know when you first launched the brand, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs starting a new brand?

M - It's hard. Stay focused. Growth takes time. Listen and ask people who have come before you. Drop the ego. Stay determined.

A- Where do you see the brands five years from now?

M - Having Faherty as a household name. Have more stores that serve as a community hubs. A line of home decor. Being a leader in quality, sustainability and impact!


Ayellet - What went through your head when Mike talked about starting your own brand? Did you see yourself as part of the equation?

Alex - Always. We knew we had to start it together. Mike was the designer and the creative mind and I brought the background on how to run a company. We couldn't do it without each other.

A- How do you juggle fatherhood and work?

A- I've gotten better. I'm the first one up in the morning with the kids and I put them to bed at night. Now that I'm working from home, I have more flexibility, so I try and get in an hour with them midday for a bike ride or playtime.

A- What would you like your children to know about your life's journey that you didn't know as a child?

A - That life is hard. Attitude, family, outlook, and service is everything. 







$35 each

Audrey McLaughlin, Founder of Frank & Eileen.
Proceeds from mask sales go to
ONE FAIR WAGE Cash Assistance Program.
Raising money for women, specifically, single mothers, who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and have been denied unemployment.