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July Newsletter 2021

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on July 24 2021

Hi Everyone,

There's something about summer that puts me at ease. Spending more time outdoors, eating fresh veggies off the grill, and wearing light weight clothes makes me feel more care free and connected to nature.

I strive to live each day as naturally as I possibly can. Whether it is the food I consume, my commitment to staying active, or the products I use on my skin... these choices translate into the quality of my day and ultimately my life. Constant inner work and establishing good habits is essential to creating the life you want to live. It can be as small as making your bed in the morning or as large as carving alone time to create, reflect, or just be still.

That is not to say that I have it all figured out. I have my own struggles, demons and ups and downs. What I do mean is that I try everyday to live the best version of myself.

A few years ago, a friend sent me organic tea for mother's day. I loved it so much I decided that we should have it available at the store. After some research, I found that the woman who creates these amazing organic mixed teas has an extended collection of other natural skincare product she creates.

Lydia Van Nostrand studied the benefits of natural organic herbs and grows most of them herself out of her home in California. She uses the herbs healing properties as an alternative to over the counter medicines. Grown in small batches, each herb has its own energetics and she mindfully combines them to our benefit. Below are a few of the many herbs she uses in her products.

Feverfew: Medicinal plant used to treat fevers, migraines, arthritis, infertility, and problems during childbirth.

French Green Clay: Has a natural electrical charge which draws out toxins and impurities while delivering minerals to the body.

Chickweed: Cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching herb. Used to heal rashes, burns, eczema, insect bites, dry skin, and chapped lips.

I have been using all her products and love everything about it, especially collaborating with a fellow female entrepreneur. I am so excited to share her creations with you and hope you love these products as much as I do. They are available on the website as well as in the store. It is a great way to practice self-care and makes a wonderful gift to the people you love in your life.

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you, our fans. Your support matters and makes a difference in a small business like ours. Our doors are still open thanks to every single one of you. Kristen, Penny and I love what we do and are grateful beyond words. Spread the word about us, follow us on IG and FB, write a review on google, and give us constructive feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve so that we can deliver the best possible experience.

With love and gratitude,



Rue Essentials Collection 


A Personal Wellness Note

I recently purchased a new cook book, "Plant Over Processed " written by Andrea Hannemann. I have been following Andy on IG (@earthyandy) for a while now. I can relate to her on many levels and really enjoy her recipes.

If you choose to purchase her book please consider shopping small. (I ordered my book from the local book store in McCandless Crossing - Riverstone Books.)

Jamu Jamu Wellness Shot


This anti-inflammatory elixir was originally made for Indonesian royalty! I’m sure you’ve seen wellness shots sold everywhere and they don’t come cheap. This recipe makes a week’s worth of shots for the price of a single store bought shot. This will boost your immunity and give you a jolt of energy. You can drink this cold or like a tea.


- 1/2 cup of fresh turmeric root, rinsed, no need to peel.

- 3/4 cup fresh ginger root, no need to peel.

- 4 cups of water or coconut water.

- Maple syrup to taste (around 1-2 table spoons.)

- 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

- 1/8 tsp black cracked pepper

Optional: 1 whole pineapple, peeled and chopped, for a sweeter version.


1. Slice washed turmeric and ginger into thin disks and place in a high powered blender.

2. Add 4 cups water or coconut water, lemon juice, pepper, Maple syrup and pineapple if using and blend for about 1 minute, until smooth.

3. For a smoother consistency, pour through a mesh strainer or through cheese cloth into a bowl. For a thicker consistency, don’t strain.

4. Store in a quart-sized jar in the fridge and pour out your daily immune-boosting shots to drink cold, or else heat up in a mug and enjoy like tea.