Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

January/February 2023 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on January 31 2023

Hi Everyone,

The winter months have always been about looking inward, changing gears, and finding comfort.  As winter settles in, so do I. Being the summer creature that I am, I seek warmth indoors and the natural way to settle in is to change my clothes as soon as I get home into my favorite lounge wear. Sol Angeles, Aviator Nation, and  Frank & Eileen are some easy pieces I reach for when I am ready to get comfortable at home.

Winter allows us to slow down a bit and as if we hear a voice telling us that it is okay to take a pause and carve time to take better care of ourselves.   

This winter I went back home to to be with family and find comfort. My aging parents were the best medicine I could ever ask for. Doing simple things with them, like cooking, shopping the markets or just simply picking an orange from the citrus tree in my sister's back yard was all I needed. The small things are sometimes the most meaningful. 

For me, winter comfort is slipping into my comfy clothes at the end of the day, making my special tea and reading or writing. What is your winter comfort? What helps you find ease and calm these days? I hope you write back to us and share what you like to do on cold winter days that gives you comfort.  

Warm wishes,


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