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February 2021 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on February 13 2021

Hello Everyone,

It's February and one can't help but think of LOVE.

As human beings, we all share the desire to love and be loved. Everything is connected to love somehow... at least I think so. Love for ourselves, family, our partner, work, home, friends, nature, music is endless really.

There are so many forms to express and feel love. You cannot love without compassion and care. Empathy is the single most important way to express love. Whatever you put out there, will come back to you. It is our responsibility to care for one another and care for our habitat.

As a business owner, I have the power and choice in deciding what I would like to bring to you. Now more than ever, I have become more selective. I think it's important to bring in brands that care about their sourcing, fair trade, sustainability, and giving back.

It makes me feel so good to know that Bed Stu is not using chemicals when they dye their shoes and bags and that Scotch & Soda is working on lowering their environmental impact and are a fur-free brand. 4Ocean is working tirelessly to clean up our oceans and make our planet a cleaner place, to name a few...

We have a social responsibility to buy our products mindfully. Rue Boutique is striving to keep bringing quality and product that will last for a long time in your home and closet. We encourage you all to buy what makes you happy. We do it all with love and are always excited to bring you the best.

Stay warm, be safe, and have a happy Valentine's Day!


"Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world… Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."' - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin