Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

December 2022 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on December 28 2022

Hi Everyone,

As the year comes to an end, I assumed I would be taking inventory of the past year, reflecting on my business and personal decisions, assessing where I am and how can I improve your experience. Instead, I recently found myself in a personal whirlwind that still hasn't been resolved as I write these words on Christmas Day.

Many of us will find ourselves in a difficult situation as it is part of life. I am no different.  Although what I am going through has nothing to do with business, new arrivals or what's trending, I have decided to share the state I am in with you.

In the past few months, I have been a target by someone who has slowly and relentlessly tried to invade my space and hurt me because I said yes to me and set a boundary. 

As women, we are more vulnerable by default and everything is a little more challenging. However, that never deterred me from doing anything. I take responsibility for my life and know I am the only one who can make it better or worse. Unfortunately, this situation has taken me away from my work and what I love to do which is help you look and feel good.

While still in the midst of it, I found so much love, empathy and care from a few of you who were aware of what I am going through. I also received support from some men and women whom I didn't expect to receive anything from. That is what keeps me going. I believe in community, and in showing up for each other when possible. Sometimes, we simply cannot carry the weight by ourselves at all times - we need each other for support and that is something I've learned to do. 

A paragraph I read by the brilliant Melody Beattie came to me at the right time. Below is a portion of it - 

"Many things in life test us, strain us, deplete us, and sometimes leave us without hope. Yet there is a place in us where the ground is sacred and holy. That place in us is called faith.

Remember faith. It's important. Without it life is dull, useless, and joyless. We may have moments when we say, what's the use? Nothing will help. We may go through times when we're angry at God and don't want to believe anymore. But Faith has the power to transform us. Faith can instill joy, bring peace, and restore a sense of acceptance and fulfillment in our lives. 

Faith is a simple place, but it is also a place of profound power. Faith can turn our lives around. faith may not bring us the miracle we want, but it will always bring us the miracle we need. Cultivate faith, touch it, hold it in you hand."

Faith is what keeps me going, I know that there is always a way to get through hard times, and it's usually faith. I have faith that next year will be calmer and peaceful. And that is all I wish for.

I wish to all of you a peaceful safe and joyous holiday season.

With love and gratitude always,