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August 2022 Newsletter

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on August 26 2022

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Hi Everyone,

Home is an extension of who you are. It is your personal space and a place to share with your loved ones. Every corner should be carefully thought through and utilized to serve you, your lifestyle and your everyday needs.

When I bought my first home with my then husband, in my early 20’s, I remember being so excited to renovate it and make it our own.  When the time came to buy the furniture, we were on completely two sides of the sphere. He loved antiques and I appreciated the contemporary and mid- century. 

We both are strong willed and know what we want, which made it a little difficult in the beginning to meet somewhere in the middle. And to be honest, I really wished at that time that he was one of those partners who didn't care about home decor... but he was just as excited... 

And so we had to come to a common ground and meet somewhere in the middle. We ended up having a very eclectic home and somehow it worked. 

As time went by, I expanded, grew and so did my taste. Just like nature, and the seasons, we are part of a moving changing system. We go through changes and become different. Different in a good way. Maybe we look at things from a different perspective and we decide to make a change or shift. Your space and the way you dress, should reflect that. What you wore, thought or purchased for your home ten years ago could be a completely different reflection from who you are right now. Style and taste doesn't have to be a life sentence. Allow yourself to bring newness to your life. Be open to receiving. 

Our homes tell our story. What we are drawn to, our heritage, our hobbies, what we cherish. Home should be a calming and comforting space. A place we look forward to coming home to.

In this newsletter, I am sharing parts of the space I created for myself. I hope this inspires you to refine and make your space your own.

I am here to help you achieve just that with my team. It could be just one piece of home decor, a wall, a room, or your entire home. We are here to help. 

Here's to looking forward to coming home every single day.




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