Cherish the old ~ Embrace the new

April 2019

Written by Ayellet Rubinstein


Posted on April 28 2019


It’s April - Temperatures are starting to go up and the sun feels good and suddenly we can see everything more clearly, especially the clutter and dust that have accumulated over winter. We feel newness and want to perk up our closet. Before you run out to purchase something for the graduation party, wedding, luncheon or just this great pair of jeans you were coveting - take a moment and clean your closet out first.

This will help you bring clarity to what it is you need in your closet.

RUE TIP: - When you buy a new piece of clothing - go home and donate a few pieces you haven't worn in a while - cause you know what? you never will :) - so say goodbye and let someone else enjoy it.


Here is my way of dealing with this chore no one wants to do -

I have been thinking for months of spending a few hours with my 15 year old twin girls and cleaning their closets. It never happened...I just can't find the time.

I finally came up with a more realistic approach.

I went into their rooms last week while they were doing homework and said: “As soon as your’e finished with your school work, I’d like each of you to pick 10 items that you never wear or is too small and pile it up for me - I will donate it tomorrow morning."

And just like that, they did it, because it was a small task and it didn't require too much time to accomplish. Aaaaand they can do it while snap chatting...

From now on, I am planning on giving them this task every month or so.

Problem solved.


Now for the fun part…here’s what’s new for spring

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