Cherish the Old ~ Embrace the New

Ayellet, Owner & Founder

Growing up in Israel in the 70's, Ayellet had a passion for fitness. Being part of the Track & Field team in High School and later serving as a trainer as part of her mandatory service in the IDF was where she felt right at home.

Growing up in a middle class home where both parents worked, she learned first hand what it meant to have work ethic. Although comfortable there was no extra money for luxury purchases. That did not stop Ayellet from getting what she wanted.  As a fashion lover she babysat and worked every summer so she could buy that coveted pair of Adidas Rom or any other "must haves" on her list.

Ayellet got her first taste of the fashion industry, working as a store manager in a boutique in Tel -Aviv. Running a small business and attending to customers came naturally to her and she did it with great joy.  But her plan was to incorporate fitness in her professional life somehow and so she decided to enroll in The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sports sciences. 

The winds took her in a different direction though, and to her second passion - Fashion. As she took a year off of school after her freshman year to do some traveling. She moved to Pittsburgh ( with her then Husband, who's a Pittsburgh native) and  joined the family retail business. 


Store Manager


Creative Director